Leslie's Philosophy: a Snapshot

We live in a constantly changing, evolving world of nonstop communication, multiple time demands, and blurred social boundaries. The distinctions between the personal and the professional have faded, as have the lines between private and public, formal and casual, fantasy and reality, polite and rude, and young and old.

This societal obscurity leaves us in a constant state of uncertainty and ambiguity, resulting in an ongoing sense of stress and unease. Leslie knows there are no quick fixes or short cuts, but believes there are simple solutions for facing today's complex issues and problems, and she offers plenty of them in her programs.

For thirty years, Leslie's inclusive treatment of personal, social, and professional issues is one of the reasons organizations invite her back.

Another reason is that she actually practices what she teaches: audience members observe the congruence between Leslie's actual behavior and her message, in real time as it's being delivered. Because of her congruity and commitment to her material, Leslie brings an inspiring, authentic, and motivating presence to her presentations.


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Why a butterfly?

It takes hours for a butterfly to break free of its cocoon, as it strengthens and dries its wings. This is a most precarious phase. We can use its example of patience and perseverance as a reminder that now and then we too, need to break free of our shells.


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