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Leslie's most often requested titles include but are not limited to:

  • Why Is Everyone So Cranky? - an overview of the social trends complicating our lives and how we can handle them: practical, informative, compelling

  • Bless Your Stress - an offbeat, funny and original approach to stress relief delivered with a spoonful of sugar: insightful, illuminating, entertaining

  • Life is Not a Duress Rehearsal - amusing and informative, this blend of "Why Is Everyone So Cranky? and Bless Your Stress: It Means You're Still Alive!" features an intricate blend of both books: information and edutainment that motivates, inspires, and educates for change

  • Extreme Service: Extreme Measures for Extreme Times - a fresh, updated and clever approach to customer service: unique, achievable ideas wrapped in a personally challenging package

  • Train the Trainer - a practical presentation on teaching and public speaking skills based on Leslie's book "The Instant Trainer": tips, techniques and strategies for getting your ideas across competently and creatively by a natural facilitator
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Why a butterfly?

It takes hours for a butterfly to break free of its cocoon, as it strengthens and dries its wings. This is a most precarious phase. We can use its example of patience and perseverance as a reminder that now and then we too, need to break free of our shells.


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