C. Leslie Charles, Certified Speaking Professional, knows how to prevent — or put out fires — and ignite the ones you want!

Some people stand back and wait for the sparks to fly. Others fan the flames. Wise leaders avert the flare by keeping everyone focused and fixed on the mission.

If you want to:

  • Discover new ways to lower workplace stress, reduce resistance to change, and ratchet up resilience
  • Refine communication skills, from constructive conflict resolution and corrective feedback to crisis management
  • Elevate the customer experience from acceptable to outstanding, working from the inside out
  • Motivate and inspire your team: help them discover their Super Powers by applying their Signature Strengths for good
  • Enhance the ARC of leadership and teamwork with the three pillars of engagement and intention: Accountability, Responsibility, and Commitment

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As Emerson said, the best way out is through. Protect your best-laid plans and keep your good intentions from going up in smoke.


C. Leslie Charles, Motivational Speaker, Inspirational Author, and Business Speaker works with clients wanting to maintain a positive, productive culture by lowering stress, enhancing communication, leadership, and teamwork, and elevating the customer experience.

Engaging, Informative, Inspiring
An award-winning motivational speaker and nationally recognized author, Leslie brings experience and authenticity to her work. As a trainer and presenter, she knows her job is to create and deliver a blend of education, encouragement, and entertainment for the people in front of her.

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Let us note that Leslie is an avowed foodie who considers lifelong learning a vital form of nourishment for the mind, body, and spirit. From training workshop to facilitation or keynote, she creates an interactive atmosphere, seasoning the experience with wisdom, wit, and appealing ideas audience members can immediately apply.

One of Leslie’s favorite moments is watching people grab their pens after she says, “We are no longer living in an era of time management — we are now living in a time of CHOICE management.”

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What her clients have to say

There is no one more special than Leslie Charles, CSP. Leslie is a qualified author, speaker and facilitator. MSAE has used her for keynotes, executive round table facilitation, breakouts, team building and private consulting. The best thing about Leslie is that if she cannot help you she will tell you, and will connect you to people who can help y… Read more
Cheryl O. RonkCAE, CMP, FASAE, President and CEOMichigan Society of Association Executives

C. Leslie Charles is an award-winning speaker and nationally acclaimed author who combines original ideas, entertaining concepts, and disarming wit.

Motivate and inspire your team: help them discover their Super Powers by applying their signature strengths for good