As 2010 rolls to a close, like an unhospitable guest or milk that’s spoiled, I’m happy to see it go. If I may be candid, 2010 was a rough ride. Like a turbulent, trouble-laden flight where you end up feeling frosted, accosted, and exhausted, that describes my year.

But like you, I am an ever-changing, continually evolving human being. Yes, I have my moments of regression, recalcitrance, and resistance. Yet somehow these times of truancy pass and I shrug off my petulance and plunge forward. These things are on my mind because I’m in the midst of my annual ritual of reviewing the old year and planning for the new.

My company logo is that of a butterfly because nothing else on earth experiences such a radical transformation. In transitioning from caterpillar to butterfly, there’s a period when these creatures are “nothing.” They’re a mash and mess of protoplasm that has no shape or form, yet bearing promise and potential as they shift into the next stage of their life cycle.

You’re no stranger to transitions; you’ve had times where you felt so mashed and messed up it felt as if you’d lost yourself. Things felt so bad you weren’t sure you’d ever recover but you did. You picked yourself up, absorbed the experience, learned your lessons, made new plans and promises, and got back on the path. Good for you!

Let’s face it. We are imperfect creatures trying to make our way in an imperfect world. We try to do our best but we screw up. We make mistakes. We get hurt, we hurt others and even ourselves from time to time. We sometimes find ourselves in the middle of a mess, yet at some point we hose ourselves down, forgive our transgressions (or transgressors) and move on.

I don’t make new year’s resolutions but I do create a theme for each year and there will be more on that in the near future. For now, I’m wiggling my way out of a mess, sorting through my lessons learned, and drying my wings so I can fly again. If you’ve had a tough year, I hope you’ll do the same. Indeed, there are kinder, gentler days ahead.

Simple Action: Renew you, from mess to mastery. Like the butterfly, you can reinvent yourself, transform hardship into happiness, and let your spirit once again soar as you shift into the next stage of your life cycle.

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