Logging Life’s Ventures

From Resolution to Evolution

The new year has begun. How is that resolution list doing? If not so well, there is still hope. If your list is lagging, how about an approach that adds substance to your life story?

Consider an Annual Theme. This is a practice I’ve faithfully followed since 1995 and it’s been life-changing. Having a year-long theme helps you live with purpose and intention. You have time to observe yourself, to build new habits and patterns. Throughout every year I document stories and events worth remembering. The examples below illustrate how annual themes invite opportunities to learn, adapt and grow.

2004: Enhancement. Two unexpected new pursuits augmented my income stream and still do: manuscript doctoring (coaching authors, editing their works) and creating custom-made inspirational jewelry (especially memorial designs).

2010: Finesse. My 35-year relationship ended. I switched “Finesse” to Fine Mess, salved my wounds, self-evaluated, dug deep and created the life I didn’t know I wanted.
2021: Reset. In December 2021, my mom died of Covid. After officiating her funeral, I took a course and became a certified funeral-life celebrant. Blending my speaking and writing skills, I now officiate memorial services, bringing comfort to grieving families.

2024: What If? For the first time, my theme is a question, not a declaration. I’m already immersed in two business projects that went untouched for two years. Asking “What If” is inspiring me to ACT. Last year I made a note: Actions Change Things. Yes, they do, and this year, those three words are my mantra.

Like chapters in a book, each theme unfolds in its own way. Some seem almost magical, some plant seeds for the future as in the above example. The tough ones offer opportunities to explore and reshape life’s arc. For me, themes offer continuity, flowing from one year into the next, making life more meaningful and memorable.

When you have a theme—a focus spanning your entire year—for once, time is on your side, giving the chapters of your life story a better chance to unfold as you want.

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