Logging Life’s Ventures

Five Ways To Put Some Spark In Your Life

Like getting a new haircut, sometimes we need to switch things up and try for a fresh, different approach to life and living. Here are five worthy practices to consider.


Pay attention to what you say because your words affect your outlook. Consider I get to rather than I’ve got to. This is a challenge rather than a problem. Think of a situation you are grappling with and the words you use to define it. Given these examples, how could you reframe it?


Commercials induce us to focus on what we want rather than what we have, fostering discontent. Pay attention to what you have instead of craving more. Focus on what’s right in your life and close each day by reflecting on what you are grateful for. 


Life is imperfect. Things break, situations tank, people disappoint. Bad drivers, bad weather and delays will happen. Be kind to yourself and others anyway. Learn to get amused, not annoyed when things go sideways. Sprinkle drops of kindness onto yourself and others. Smile more. Don’t fight, spread light.


Your body thrives on movement. Choose far away parking places; take the stairs, take more steps every day, even indoors. Stretch, reach, breathe, use your body more. Do something daily to enhance strength, endurance and flexibility. Ten minutes of light exercise a few times a day is far more beneficial than you know!


Stay sharp. Read. Don’t say you don’t have time. By reading only ten minutes a day, in a year you can total nearly 40 hours. Be curious, attend a class, keep learning. Quit putting things off. Take up a new hobby or reclaim an old one to broaden your scope and spirit. You may not be rich, but you can be enriched. 


© Leslie Charles, Speaker, Author, Consultant. leslie@lesliecharles.com