Certified Speaking Professional, Author & Consultant

C. Leslie Charles, Certified Speaking Professional, motivational speaker, business consultant, and facilitator, has helped people connect with their potential since 1979. The wit, wisdom, and warmhearted delivery she puts into her speeches make her a credible source for her message.

Leslie continually updates her material through current research trends and keeping an eye on our ever-changing world, working closely with meeting planners to ensure “on target” content. She covers how-to strategies for maintaining a lifestyle of ongoing learning, collaboration with others, and personal health maintenance to offset the stress of our turbulent social landscape and demanding work life. Blending confidence and humility (thanks to her “bootstraps” background), Leslie offers a bold message of self-development, packaged in an enjoyable, down-to-earth delivery.

She firmly believes that it’s possible not just to survive, but even thrive, in the face of challenge, conflict, or crisis. Thanks to her ongoing commitment to learn, grow, and change, Leslie Charles brings hope, encouragement, and doable options to those who feel the bite and burden of our contentious, unpredictable society.

As a self-professed late bloomer who has faced hardship, poverty, and loss, Leslie is living proof that “adversity and opportunity are constant companions.” She firmly believes that we all have the potential to transform our personal and work lives through consistent, small improvements that make a big difference over time.

Her unusual history makes Leslie Charles an inspiring role model for those facing challenges in their work and personal lives. Not only do audience members identify with her, they remember her positive, practical message that combines optimism with rationalism. Now writing her eighth book, Leslie’s mission is to help people lead healthier, happier, more productive lives, despite the obstacles. Approachable, inspiring, and entertaining, Leslie Charles delivers!


A ventriloquist’s dummy can say things that can’t be directly expressed to an audience. That’s the Diary’s function. Because “the personal is universal” Leslie’s Diary readings offer a safe way to voice audience frustrations, fears, concerns, or hopes without singling anyone out. Most often used for keynotes or large group venues, this unique technique can be very powerful.

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