A Persistent Practitioner of Lifelong Learning

In hope that you will take this food analogy in stride, you could describe Leslie as an avid cook, eater, and reader who runs her own “Idea” Test Kitchen where she continually tries new “recipes” for Self-Improvement. If something doesn’t work she dumps it and finds a substitute that does. This gets folded into her daily routine—and eventually, her message.

Thanks to her humble history and the litany of lessons she learned the hard way, Leslie is a model of optimism, persistence, and resilience. Two years on public assistance shaped her affinity for workers who are too often ignored, maligned, or mistreated by the public. Many of Leslie’s clients hail from the public sector, including mental health, human services, health care, education and associations. She is also a popular speaker for professional women’s audiences and other special groups.

Whether speaking or writing, Leslie brings an authentic voice and the passion to make a difference. If you asked, she would confide that too many of us are stuck in a pattern of focusing on problems and excuses, as she once was, instead of potential and possibility. Considering herself a “good bad example” Leslie inspires others with her unquenchable inner spark. After hearing her speak, people often declare, “Doggone it, if she can do it, so can I!”

Offering sound ideas with dashes of humor to help people relax, reflect, and rediscover what really matters, Leslie Charles firmly believes the path to personal change is in finding the hot spots and dousing the flames. This clears the space, creating a fertile plot for reigniting passion and purpose, meaning that any person, just like the legendary Phoenix, has the power to rise again.

Leslie Charles believes that we are continually directing the course of our lives, whether we know it or not. For a moment, think of the perils if we don’t, and the possibilities if we do. Indeed, our life is in our hands.

As a speaker and author Leslie helps people mobilize their innate skills and abilities so they can more successfully live, love, and pursue their livelihoods. This is not an easy task. From childhood, our heads are filled with notions about who we’re supposed to be and what we’re expected to do. If we’re lucky, in time we learn that not all of what we were told is true.

Once we free ourselves from the pitfalls of perfection and false promises of expectations we can transform our “shoulds” to “coulds.” Or not. We can liberate ourselves from old ways of thinking and turn toward becoming who we were really meant to be. Or not.

It largely depends on how consistently and persistently we embrace what Leslie calls the ARC of personal ownership:

Accountability • Responsibility • Choice

Internalizing the three pillars of self-empowerment radically changed the course of her life, helping her think more rationally, clarify her intentions, and make better decisions. The result? A quality life.

Thanks to her depth and breadth, wit and wordplay, commitment to her content and ability to inspire, many clients regard Leslie as a motivational speaker who not only talks the talk but also walks the walk. This is one of the most often repeated comments clients make about her. The other one is, “Let’s have her back!”

Enhance the ARC of leadership and teamwork with the three pillars of engagement and intention: Accountability, Responsibility, and Commitment