Manuscript Doctor, Book Coach, Editor

Do you want to write a book but are struggling with how to begin? Do you have an unfinished manuscript that needs rescuing? Do you need a guide to help clarify, critique and encourage you as a writer?  Do you want to learn tips and techniques to improve your writing skills?

What Leslie Does

Leslie analyzes and offers suggestions on writing style and self-editing. In addition to her command of language and extensive wordsmithery skills, she can provide tips on formatting, page and cover design, use of typefaces and other intricacies in creating a quality product.

Thanks to her experience in working with the media, Leslie keeps both readers and listeners in mind as she edits, ensuring that a title or phrase works for the ear as well as the eye. This is particularly important in media promotion. She can create tip sheets, quizzes, checklists, or self-tests for added reader interest or audience involvement.

Best of all, Leslie succeeds in maintaining the author’s voice throughout the work to achieve a consistent tone, which her clients fully appreciate.

How She Does It

Leslie will edit three pages of your manuscript free of charge, providing a sampling of her work so you can determine if the two of you are a good match. She has a talent for finding the right word, carving out a powerful phrase, or injecting humor for lightness and holding attention. She excels in soundbites and can tweak titles and headers into attention getters.

Leslie works onscreen, using MS Word’s “track changes” tool. As she is not a Word expert, you may find occasional spacing or other small errors, easy fixes for you. She likes to return edits a chapter at a time, so you can work on the changes while she forges ahead. An entire book can take six weeks to four months, depending on page count, Leslie’s schedule and the extent of editing required.


Leslie has appeared on all the major TV and cable networks, NPR and Bloomberg, and copious print publications including a USA Today cover story. She generously shares tips and tactics for appearing calm and authoritative during interviews despite nervousness.

  • She has had two books published by major houses and has self-published five
  • The motivational company Successories purchased partial rights to one of Leslie’s books
  • She has edited a dozen manuscripts plus one client’s proposal that sold immediately

What Authors Say