In essence, her work is transformational. Leslie specializes in gentle, “delicately invasive cosmetic word surgery.”

She has a talent for finding the right word, carving out a poignant or punchy phrase, and tweaking titles into attention getters. Her editing is light and delicate, or extensive, deep, and broad, as required. All of her changes are subject to the author’s discretion as to which are acceptable or not.

Leslie is gifted with a natural ability to retain the author’s voice so the tone is consistent throughout the book or proposal. This is one of the aspects her clients truly appreciate.

She works onscreen, using MS Word’s “track changes” tool.

Leslie likes to return the altered manuscript a chapter at a time, so the author can be working on the changes while Leslie forges ahead. An entire book may take four weeks to four months, depending on her schedule and the extent of editing required.

All copy goes through two passes; the first pass involves major changes, and the second is a proofreading (self-check) pass before sending the content back to the client. As Leslie is not an expert in MS Word, there may be occasional spacing errors, which are an easy fix.

Having had extensive media coverage, Leslie encourages her authors to write with the media in mind. For example, how does a title fall on the ear? Eye appeal (how a title looks on the cover or reads) is only one aspect of its efficacy. The title has to come across aurally as well, especially if the author plans on media promotion.

Leslie helps her authors create tip sheets, quizzes, checklists, or self-tests in their books because they are handy for media interviews or articles.