If you are a new (or worn out) writer who knows your proposal, manuscript or self-published book needs some polish, if you have good ideas but can’t quite finesse them, or if you are grappling with the written word and don’t know what to do next, the doctor is in!

Leslie Charles offers creative and extensive content editing. Her abilities include:

  • adding intellectual capital to your existing ideas
  • enhancing your original concepts or expanding your ideas
  • adding new, relevant examples
  • finessing turns of phrase
  • substituting everyday words for eye catching or melodic ones
  • jazzing up chapter titles and headers
  • improving grammar
  • fact checking, if needed
  • clarifying incomplete ideas
  • adding tip sheets, quizzes, and checklists for reader involvement
  • adding subtle humor when appropriate
  • threading disconnected thoughts
  • smoothing out and polishing the entire project
  • maintaining your writing voice with transparent editing
  • consulting on format, book and cover design if needed

Leslie’s skill set includes both micro and macro editing: correct word usage, grammar, alliteration, metaphor, imagery, rhyme, rhythm, and punctuation.

She specializes in self-help and other nonfiction works by adding clarity, precision, compelling text, and ease of reading. She also provides coaching notes throughout the process, which means you will learn a good deal about your writing style and how to enhance your innate abilities as a writer.