Leslie Charles believes that life and work are enriched when pursued with the outlook of a lifelong learner who is willing to take responsibility for seeking new knowledge and acquiring new skills. As a speaker and self-help author, Leslie embraces the notion that we are continually directing the course of our lives, whether we know it or not.

She is convinced that big things happen when we cultivate the kind of curiosity we had as kids, creating a systematic journey of change through constant self-improvement, life enrichment, and ongoing personal development. It’s called gradualism.

Leslie keeps the long-term picture in mind as she presents the potential rewards in making conscious turns of mind, knowing that each day, we make decisions and take actions that can direct us toward, or away from, our goals. The global economic collapse and the personal implications of this crisis profound reflect the folly of short-term thinking.

Leslie’s personal approach to her profession makes her message more memorable. Whether she is speaking, facilitating, training, or emceeing an event, Leslie remains fully present for her audiences, before, during, and after the program.

Thanks to her wit and wordplay, enthusiasm, commitment to her content, and ability to inspire, many clients regard her as a motivational speaker who not only talks the talk but also walks the walk. These are some of the most often repeated comments her clients make about her. The other one is, “Let’s have her back!”

What her clients have to say

When you have a dynamic speaker scheduled for your event and need a replacement dynamic speaker to step in at the last minute, you call Leslie Charles, a dependable, energetic, informative, professional, and reliable speaker! I remain grateful that Leslie presented to our professional group last spring and am looking forward to a future engagement.… Read more
Bonnie Stuut, CAPInternational Association of Administrative Professionals, Kalamazoo LAN Director