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Your life is filled with stories of the past, present and future. You can literally wear some of your story with special creations connected to your most important memories, motivations or dreams. Here is how Leslie launched a boutique business based on this small but significant concept.

Twenty years after her youngest son Robbie died in a work accident, Leslie asked her friend Tara to make a remembrance bracelet, which became a treasured item. It occurred to Leslie that others might appreciate having such a personal keepsake.

They teamed up and started a web-based business, specializing in bracelets commemorating deceased loved ones. As Tara’s career advanced, Leslie went solo.

Special requests rolled in—bracelets for cancer victims or survivors, plus a line of awareness designs for AIDS, Diabetes, Lupus, Autism and more.

There were gift bracelets for grandmothers, new mothers, babies, birthstone designs, graduation bracelets, even a sweetheart set for a couple. Each accessory added meaning to the act of remembering, reflecting, recognizing, rejoicing and even romancing.

LeslieCharles Inspirational Jewelry Slowly Say Goodbye

Every handmade piece or set comes boxed with a gift card explaining its significance through an original poem or story, including the “why” of the design or color, and meanings of the gemstones.

Jewelry components are high quality gems or Swarovski crystals with .925 sterling silver as the standard.

Leslie’s most recent design is the Alzheimer’s-Dementia bracelet, made of moonstone, honoring her brother and mom. Both of them are now deceased. Her poem “ Slowly Say Goodbye” captures the love, hope and anguish of becoming the keeper of memories.

Most of these photos are recent cell shots, to be replaced with professional work in time. But this gives you an idea of what Meaningful—By Design is all about. Special requests are always welcome.

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