Sterling Silver Beads

We use sterling silver balls and sterling silver Bali style beads. To minimize scratches and tarnishing, we recommend that you store your Precious Purpose accessory in a small silk or velvet pouch. Your bracelet will retain its beauty if you avoid exposing it to spray perfumes, hair spray, household cleaners such as bleach and ammonia, or chlorinated water, as such chemicals can damage the surface.

Regular use of a jewelry care cloth will remove tarnish from sterling silver and prevent it from building up. Jewelry care cloths can be purchased from most fine jewelry retailers. If tarnish does build up on your sterling silver beads, use a polish specifically formulated for this purpose. You can find fine silver polishes, solutions, or cloths designed for tarnish removal at most hardware stores or specialty craft stores.


Cleaning Gold Filled Beads

When polishing gold filled beads, you can use a mild detergent, but be sure to rub gently, as the gold finish can eventually be worn off.

Cleaning Bali Beads

Sterling Silver Bali Beads have an antique look intentionally created by an oxidization process. Do not dip these beads in a tarnish removing solution or the oxidation and antique look will be removed. The Bali beads can be polished by lightly rubbing with a jewelry care cloth. The oxidized antique look is situated between the grooves in the beads and should not be harmed by a light treatment.