Our Customer Commitment

We value your business and honor the intent behind any bracelet(s) you order. We’ve done our best to visually represent each design so you have a clear sense of what you’ll receive and we take great pride in the fact that each bracelet is personally hand crafted and customized. It is our pleasure to customize each lovely memory bracelet so it will meet your expectations or match your special order specifications. Your order is just for you!

Please keep in mind that bracelet components may differ slightly, depending on availability. We will provide you with the closest possible approximation of equal value or slightly higher quality. If you have any questions about your order or related issues, email Leslie at memgems@aol.com and you will receive an answer at her earliest opportunity.

Return Policy

Because each bracelet is made to order and not mass produced, we only accept returns based on workmanship or component quality issues. If that is the case, please email us at memgems@aol.com to let inform us that you’d like to make a return so we can send you our Item Return Form and transaction code.


If your bracelet should require repair within six months of normal use, we will be happy to repair it. Please contact us first at memgems@aol.com for a transaction code and we will give you the address where you can ship your bracelet along with the receipt. Charges may apply. We will assess the extent of the work required to repair your bracelet. If there are any charges involved, we will notify you immediately.


We respect your privacy. We will never provide or sell your information to any third party.


Precious purpose, wearable remembrance, and the poems, stories, and descriptions of each piece are the intellectual property of C. Leslie Charles, author and speaker. We hope you will find our beautiful bracelets a meaningful gift for yourself or someone you care about, and that you will spread the word about our unique, attractive keepsakes.

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