From the moment they were conceived, our remembrance bracelets represented more than a mere accessory: each uniquely represents a person and their story. The original design, Everyday Presence, commemorates my son Robbie who died in 1984. Wearing it helps me keep his spirit alive. Customers constantly tell us they have equal emotional attachment to their precious keepsakes. The significance of our precious purpose accessories is intensified by the fact that every memory bracelet comes with a gift card and an original poem titled, “Not a Day Goes By.”

Our remembrance bracelets are a physical means of honoring a deceased loved one. Every time you look at, wear, or touch your memory bracelet, you can send a special, private thought to the person it commemorates. Most of our customers wear their bracelets every day while a few save them for special occasions. One couple bought several bracelets as a precious keepsake for friends and family to memorialize their stillborn daughter.

Memory bracelets make a thoughtful and caring gift, either for yourself or someone you care about. Each hand crafted bracelet come boxed with a ribboned gift card that explains its special purpose plus an original poem. Customers tell us that this personal touch enhances the value of the bracelet, especially when it is purchased as a gift.

We invite you to choose the birthstone design you find most appealing or appropriate for your purpose. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or are considering a special order. Go to our special order samples page and you can browse special requests from the past.

Not all of our lovely memory bracelets represent a deceased loved one. Several customers have been so drawn to our designs they’ve asked us to make special occasion bracelets and that’s why we added the Joy & Celebration section.

Receive a free copy of All Is Not Lost with memory bracelet purchases of $100 or more!