The year 2004 marked the twentieth year since my son Robbie’s death and I asked my friend, protégé, colleague, and intrepid web maestra, Tara, to make me a bracelet in honor of his memory. I loved my remembrance bracelet and realized that if it filled an emotional need for me it might do the same for others.

The specifics are a blur, but a few weeks later Tara and I decided to join forces and offer this unique accessory to others who were looking for a special way of commemorating their deceased loved one.

Our wearable remembrance, or “jewelry for the rest of us” web venture was quite successful and thanks to the comments of our satisfied customers, we decided to expand our horizons.

Realizing that life’s experiences run the gamut from grief to joy, we are now pleased to offer a series of inspirational accessories that fulfill the precious purpose of remembering, recognizing, reflecting, rewarding, rejoicing, and even romancing.