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Welcome to PreciousPurpose.com and allow me to introduce myself:

My name is Leslie Charles and I’m the proud owner of this site. In addition to my web life, I’m an author, delivering speeches and seminars based on the books I’ve written. My seventh book, All Is Not Lost: the healing journey through crisis grief and loss, is the reason this web site exists, although at the time, I couldn’t have imagined ever taking this path.

My mission is to help people prevail against the odds so they can live a happy, healthy life in spite of it all. My background includes challenges, hardships and losses that taught me resilience and resourcefulness. In fact, I’m a contributing author in the recent Chicken Soup for the Single Parent’s Soul, if that helps lend perspective.

I am still a bit surprised at conceiving and creating these inspirational accessories with my partner Tara: it’s both a work in progress and a source of joy. What began as a polite request (“Tara, would you please make me a memory bracelet?”) has become an emotionally fulfilling enterprise and a deepening friendship.

When you’ve finished browsing or buying, if you’d like to know more about my background, other books, or my speaking business, just click on the following links.

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Meet Tara Nofziger, the Memory Bracelet Designer and Producer

If you’ve scanned the page bottoms of this web site or visited any of my other three sites, you’ve seen the name Tara Nofziger. Tara’s been my “web maestra” since 1998 and I can’t imagine working with anyone else.

Ten years ago when we met, Tara was a college junior. After graduating, she moved to Chicagoland, completed her Master’s degree, and settled into a successful career. Not only is Tara a web whiz, and competent HR (human resources) professional, she enjoys salsa dancing, reading, cooking, and jewelry design.

It was Tara who created the original memory bracelet in honor of my son Robbie. Her influence, example, and originality inspired me to partner with her, creating a line of memory bracelets and offering them on the Internet. A year later, here we are, with an expanded selection of original designs reflecting life’s various phases and stages.

If you ever want special companion pieces to go with any item you order from preciouspurpose.com, Tara would be happy to create them for you. She offers her own line of original jewelry on a separate web site.

Tara Nofziger Design .com