Bringing three decades of speaking, writing, and ongoing research, Leslie’s areas of expertise include:

  • Stress / Change / Resilience
  • Enhancing the Customer Experience
  • Leadership / Teamwork
  • Effective Communication
  • De-escalation / Dealing With Difficult People
  • Presentation / Public Speaking Skills and Train the Trainer
  • Motivation / Inspiration / Attitude Enrichment

Leslie will work closely with you to deliver customized content that meets your objectives. She knows your reputation hinges on the quality of speakers you hire and her job is to make you look good. She wants people to thank you for your efforts and hard work.

Current Presentations:

Life is Not a Duress Rehearsal

This is Leslie’s most often requested topic, combining her critically acclaimed book, “Why is Everyone So Cranky?” and the amusing “Bless Your Stress.” Offering some fast-acting antidotes and time-release tips for minimizing stress or pressure, it’s a lighthearted romp on a serious subject—just what the doctor ordered!

Discover Your Super Powers (New!)

Based on the humorous women’s self-help book Leslie is writing, this adapts easily to mixed groups. From, “Does this excuse make my ‘but’ look big?” to a “save the wails” and “whine stopper” approach to first world problems, this is unconventional, wise, and very witty.

Getting Over It: Replace Resistance With Resilience—For Good

Leslie believes adversity and opportunity are constant companions. Combining mindfulness with reframing helped her not just survive, but thrive after a life-altering event. By engaging in a surprisingly simple and effective method for navigating unwanted change, this enlightening method can even be made (gasp) enjoyable, and definitely effective.

Say It Right the First Time: You May Not Have a Second Chance

Leslie draws from her degree in Communication plus hours of empathy and Personal Process Recall training, through which she cultivated listening, deflection, and conflict resolution skills. This session helps you stay grounded and geared up to manage communication challenges that might otherwise heat up beyond repair.

Elevating the Customer Experience

Blending current research with her books on service and years of teaching and practicing the art, Leslie helps leaders and front line employees raise the bar on daily service performance. Exceptional service delivery at every level, from the inside out, can equate to a memorable experience for customers every time, not just a fleeting encounter.

Why Is Everyone So Cranky? Part Deux (New!)

Leslie’s “Why is Everyone So Cranky?” featured the ten trends complicating our lives and what to do about them. The milieu is more convoluted than before; blurred social boundaries have penetrated our daily lives and we need the skills and foresight to see through them.

The minute you dig in your heels you’ve just lost ground.

– from STICK TO IT!

What her clients have to say

We were looking for a unique speaker who isn’t run of the mill. We wanted it to feel like we were hearing a story, while still learning, with an approachable vibe. We got just that with Leslie. She offers practical advice that speaks to the mind and the soul. For those who enjoy takeaways, she’s written books, — some are fun quick reads, o… Read more
Amanda ToyCMP, CTA  Associate Director of SalesGreater Lansing Convention & Visitors Bureau

From private and public sector organizations to health care, trade associations, and educational institutions, Leslie works with a broad span of industries. This demonstrates her ability to research, understand, and uniquely customize her message for each audience. If you are willing to brief Leslie on the details she is willing to absorb them. Leslie is a popular, in-demand speaker for women’s groups and she also brings an authentic motivational message to senior audiences.

Leslie’s client list includes:

  • NASA Goddard Space Flight Center,
  • American Farm Bureau Federation
  • National Association of Insurance Women,
  • Crime Victim Advocate Network of Oregon,
  • National Institutes of Health,
  • Blue Cross-Blue Shield of Michigan,

  • American Health Information Management Association,
  • The Humor Project International Conference,
  • University of Michigan,
  • United Dairy Industry of Michigan,

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