Help! I’ve Fallen into a Communication Quagmire and Can’t Get Out

As women, we often find ourselves on the receiving end of “mixed” messages about our roles at work and in the universe, especially male-dominated occupations. You might discover you’ve suddenly stepped into a dicey dialogue, and this session can save you from rolling in it. This confidence-builder will arm you with tools for handling cross-purpose communication so you can stay out of the crosshairs and make a point. Whether it’s an insult, unacceptable remark, or even unintentional affront, learn how to strategically resist, reframe, and respond without relinquishing your self-respect or inviting retaliation.

A good life lesson: Know when to talk. Know when to balk. Know when to walk.

Motivate and inspire your team: help them discover their Super Powers and applying their signature strengths for good