Cheryl O. Ronk

There is no one more special than Leslie Charles, CSP. Leslie is a qualified author, speaker and facilitator. MSAE has used her for keynotes, executive round table facilitation, breakouts, team building and private consulting. The best thing about Leslie is that if she cannot help you she will tell you, and will connect you to people who can help you. She is a key resource for me.

Bonnie Stuut, CAP

When you have a dynamic speaker scheduled for your event and need a replacement dynamic speaker to step in at the last minute, you call Leslie Charles, a dependable, energetic, informative, professional, and reliable speaker! I remain grateful that Leslie presented to our professional group last spring and am looking forward to a future engagement. Don’t hesitate, contact Leslie for your next event!

Sam Horn

I have recommended several clients to Leslie and they have been delighted with her quick mind and strategic ability to produce a quality non-fiction book in record time. Leslie captures your “voice,” has a get-it-done work ethic and is a joy to work with. Perhaps most importantly, you can trust her to keep deadlines and commitments (what a concept.) I only recommend consultants who have a sterling track record. Leslie is in that category.

Kathey Batey

You are absolutely wonderful at being an editor. I am on page 19 of your revisions and I couldn’t agree with you more. You are cleaning up my work and making it so much more definite. This is a book I would buy, (when we get finished with it, that is). There are very few changes I disagree with. I did shorten where you said to shorten, and the content is cleaner. It all makes so much more sense. Thank you for your “cold hand and warm heart.” I love it!

Barbara Morris

Leslie Charles is without doubt the most gifted writer and editor I have had the good fortune to work with. She has a unique an ability to use words in a way that can turn a ho-hum manuscript into an excellent, interesting read. I will always have fond and lasting memories of how wonderful and exciting it was to work with Leslie. She is that good!

Mary Marcdante

Leslie, I’m in the middle of revising chapter 2 based on your comments and I am so deeply touched at your care in crafting these rewrites. You’ve made this SUCH A BETTER BOOK, and me a BETTER STORYTELLER! I’m going through the dolphin story and am inspiring myself!

Here I am again, reading and incorporating your edits and once again I am in awe of what you have done for me and for this book! As I read your changes, I realize how good you are at this editing thing. I couldn’t begin to fathom what you are able to see in between the lines. I love what you did here: “Once again I left the shoe store in tears, gazing resentfully at my size 10 ‘gunboats.’” Oh, that is so good! “Gazing resentfully,” perfect addition!

Jacqueline Whitmore

Leslie Charles is a patient and gentle critic with a keen eye for detail. She puts her entire heart and soul into every book project. A consummate professional, she can take even the most mundane paragraph and make it come alive! While working with her, I learned more about the process of writing than I could have ever learned in school. She was able to capture the essence of my thoughts and help me turn them into a body of work for which I am extremely proud.

Amanda Toy

We were looking for a unique speaker who isn’t run of the mill. We wanted it to feel like we were hearing a story, while still learning, with an approachable vibe. We got just that with Leslie. She offers practical advice that speaks to the mind and the soul. For those who enjoy takeaways, she’s written books, — some are fun quick reads, others to be used as a good reference. Leslie is real people with real experience, sharing real stories and making a real difference.

Laurie Koelling

Leslie is a totally engaging speaker! I have had the pleasure of working with Leslie numerous times and she is the consummate professional. Always prepared, on target with the expected message and keeps the group engaged throughout the sessions. Her humor is contagious but she packs serious content for attendees to mull over – long after the event. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire her again!

Adrian Bass

Charlotte Michigan’s LEAD program gives up-and-coming community and business leaders skills to grow into leadership roles of the future. Our program facilitators are some of the best in the region — and you can’t have ‘the best in the region’ if you don’t have Leslie Charles, nationally known speaker, author and facilitator. We are lucky to have her present our module, COMMUNICATE to CONNECT. The feedback from participants reflects Leslie’s long-lasting teachings such as ‘Got me thinking about word choice, and the idea of yes AND instead of yes, but.’ Leslie has participated in LEAD for four years and we look forward to many more!

This is the fourth year Leslie has participated in LEAD and we look forward to many more!